So, what’s in a name, really?

Much more than a few letters shuffled together, more than the words themselves, or their surface meaning—in its most distilled essence, a name is an irrevocable first impression and a platform for expression. A company’s image always begins with its name.

And, that’s exactly why we love working on them. Impactful, important and ripe with potential, a great name is a warm smile. It’s a trusted handshake and a thoughtful hello. At its finest, a brand’s name is a genuine expression of its beliefs, values and public.

Nothing gets us more excited than crafting a brand story from the very beginning.​

Whether or not we’re aware of it, most of us make conclusions and assumptions about brands and businesses based on our initial internal reaction to their name. Whether they push the creative envelope, or pull you into to a rich legacy, the intrinsic meaning and language behind names is absolutely enthralling. But, what’s even more fascinating is their ability to take on a life of their own.

Be immersive with an experiential name. Own new ideas with an invented name. Or, come through clear as a bell with a descriptive name. Each name type offers a new angle for expression and differentiation. Here’s an overview of how we work with you to unearth an original name.

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Brand Audit

In order to know where we’re going, we need to know where we are. To kick-off your naming and branding project, we delve deep into your current state—your digital presence, advertising efforts, marketing assets, audience perceptions and position in the market, all while getting familiar with the competition.


Name Options

Armed with an insightful Brand Audit, our creative team begins to obsess over all the possibilities. Inventing great names calls for divergent thinking in a sea of constraints. We expertly navigate domain availability and trademark searches, with a keen eye on the competitive landscape. At this stage, we’ll present various name recommendations.


Brand Concept​

Here it is. The really fun part. Our creative team took your new name and ran with it. Touch, feel, hear and taste it—now, you get to see everything come together to form a comprehensive and cohesive brand system. Our branding work is always driven by strong rationale, while leveraging contemporary communication and design principles.


Launch Plan

When it comes time to launch, our team works with you to discern what’s possible, what’s necessary and what’s within your budget. Rolling out a new name requires strategic forethought across many channels. Together, we’ll devise an effective plan to engage and excite your current and potential clients.