Spirited, strategic and confident, you’re a leader who inspires and empowers clients and team members alike.

As an experienced Account Director, you’ve mastered the art of client service, along with all the intricacies of project management. But, you’re also a brilliant team builder, supporting a diverse group of managers, creatives and strategists to encourage agency growth. Essentially, you’re the vital bridge between our clients and our team.

Shaping strong, long-lasting relationships, you lead our marketing strategy and business development activities, planning fresh and proactive ways to share our clients’ brands with the world. Plus, you’re a remarkable organizer, keeping deliverables on track while deftly collaborating with our team and clients to manage scopes, timelines and budgets.

Our ideal candidate:

  • 5+ years of industry experience, preferably in an agency environment
  • Relevant post-secondary education
  • Knowledgeable and passionate about marketing, digital and branding
  • Enthusiastic leader, mentor and partner for our Client Services team
  • Professional and savvy relationship builder who maintains flow of new projects through regular client meetings and conversations
  • Thoughtful solution provider who gathers diverse perspectives and confidently addresses client challenges
  • Proven business acumen with ability to establish project scopes, write contracts and minimize overages
  • Creative thinker who can collaborate with our team and provide constructive input on projects
  • Stellar presentation and professional communication (written and verbal) skills
  • Organized multi-tasker who can prioritize work in a fast-paced agency setting

In this role, you’ll work with members and leaders of the FREE team as needed. If you’re looking to join a team of young professionals who challenge the norm with highly effective creative, let’s chat.

Send us your portfolio and resume, along with a few words about why you’re the perfect fit.

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Creative Team

You know there’s a creative solution to every challenge, no matter how full the wastepaper basket gets. You’re versed in design standards, but have your own aesthetic. You follow the trends, but don’t live by them.

When you’re not obsessing over the perfect font, you’re immersed in imagery and illustrations. Over time, you’ve learned that your best work comes through collaboration, not just with other creatives, but with clients too.

Development Team

As a modern day magician, your greatest talents lie in creating something out of nothing. Swooping behind a few screens, you wave your mouse, say abracadabra (in robot talk) and voila! You pull a seamlessly functioning website, database or digital product out from under your hat. If you’re versed in html5, css3, WordPress & Twitter Bootstrap, you can turn your tricks into a high-energy career at FREE.

Client Services

You’ve got a knack for streamlining processes, and you pinpoint insightful solutions that others might miss. As a devoted defender of quality, your eagle eyes catch every last typo in the densest of annual reports.

Yep, you’re tough on meeting objectives and deadlines. But your professional poise and finesse with words can soften any client that walks through our doors. Mmm hmm, you’re just our type.


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