Evolving the profession for everyone

From shifting nurse demographics to progressive healthcare standards, Alberta’s RNs are in a vibrant time of change. Recognizing this was the perfect opportunity to rebrand, the College & Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA) approached FREE to craft a new identity and position for the organization.

When modernizing the aesthetic and language, we knew the new brand needed to enlighten nurses, staff and the public on CARNA’s regulatory and educational role. We held in-depth research interviews with departments across the organization, capturing insights to inform the strategic direction and ethos.

The new CARNA brand articulates its dual purpose of protecting the public and promoting professional excellence. From stationery and print pieces to a website and educational portals, the organization plans to launch its new identity across a variety of touchpoints, creating a contemporary, unifying voice that all Albertans can rally around.


Brand Development


Professional Association


October 2018

Carna Banners

We protect the public and uphold practice standards