City of Edmonton

Everyone’s Edmonton

It’s noisy, not to mention messy. It’s reconstructing the character of our core. It has six little letters written all over it, conjuring a word well known to make most people cringe—“change”.

Residential infill: it’s a polarizing issue that divides our citizens. The City of Edmonton needed a campaign that would counter the negative beliefs and media surrounding infill development. So, FREE crafted a concept that speaks to what infill is truly about: yes, change, but positive change for the sake of all Edmontonians.

The campaign reminds us that this is everyone’s city, and by fostering diversity, renewing our housing stock, connecting communities and countering urban sprawl, we’re shaping a stronger, more vibrant future.

The campaign consists of upbeat, inclusive language, cheerful illustrations, website graphics and transit ads. We’re continuing to work with the City to share the message through ambient signage and public outreach pieces.


Brand Development
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January 2017


The creative celebrates infill development for revitalizing mature neighbourhoods, while allowing underutilized infrastructure, such as schools, parks and local businesses, to thrive.