Practice Makes Perfect

Enerpan offers some of the most unique structural panel technology available today. But, their success didn’t happen overnight. For over 25 years, the Alberta-based company has been busy building its reputation as an industry-leading partner with a trusted and celebrated product line. The problem was, Enerpan’s brand identity didn’t reflect their trailblazing tenacity—and their proven product needed a name. That’s where we came in. We decked out Enerpan’s logo in geometric new graphics, inspired by their patented panels, which we dubbed WYTRAC.


Brand Development
Website Design
Advertising & Assets


Oil & Gas Manufacturing


November 2014

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High contrast colours and angular lines make a striking statement.


Going Digital

Enerpan’s new website highlights both their decades of experience and their entrepreneurial spirit. From eye-catching infographics and client testimonials to its user-friendly interface, the site provides a digestible snapshot of Enerpan’s unrivalled products and services.

But, we didn’t stop there. A geo-targeted Google AdWords campaign connects with potential new customers on a local level, while the site’s SEO bolsters organic traffic. With plenty of qualified leads funnelling through their website, Enerpan is perfectly positioned for continued success.

Visit the website at enerpan.com