Fire & Flower Cannabis Co.

One with Wisdom

It’s not every day that an entirely new industry comes to market. And, since we love being on the ground floor of greatness, we pounced at the opportunity to craft one of Canada’s first recreational cannabis retailer brands. Working alongside an engagement team of diverse professionals, we skillfully positioned Fire & Flower as a contemporary contrarian, challenging the stereotypes blanketing cannabis by bringing a strong dose of truth to the table. Tapping into the plant’s ancient origins, while voicing a modern appreciation for cultural and geographic diversity across Canada, the brand is set to make an impact in cities across the country.


Brand Development
Online Brand Management
Advertising & Assets


Retail & Consumer Goods


April 2018


Ushering in a new era, with minds wide open.


Going Digital

Leading up to legalization, the standards for this new industry continue to take shape. Naturally, managing Fire & Flower’s online brand voice requires flexibility, specialized knowledge and a proactive strategy. 

From content creation across all digital platforms, to weekly lifestyle and educational blog posts, our team adores initiating and continuing important conversations about cannabis. We’re also a web design partner alongside HiFyre for all Fire & Flower’s website, interface and retail system needs.

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