Next Architecture

Divergent Ideas

When forming a new architecture practice, Next wanted to radically shift how their industry designs, procures and builds. The team needed a brand that would live up to their bold, unconventional culture—that’s where we came in.

We shaped the Next brand around the practice’s greater purpose, celebrating how the team approaches architecture in entirely new ways. Bold yet intelligent messaging meets geometric shapes, symbolizing the meaningful structures they create. Now, with a strong, aspirational brand, Next is positioned to transform the architecture paradigm.


Brand Development
Website Design
Advertising & Assets




February 2016

Ushering in a new era of architecture

Going Digital

Just like Next’s architectural designs, their web presence needed to exude beauty and purpose, while bringing the team’s collaborative, engaging process to the forefront. When scrolling, the user triggers eye-catching colour shifts, giving the geometric shapes the perfect amount of pop.

As the user explores Next’s process, photos and blog posts cascade inward, illustrating how the team approaches each project phase. When diving deeper to discover a specific project, renderings and descriptions flow together to capture the story behind the work.

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