City of Red Deer

State of the Cart

When the City of Red Deer asked us to help launch their new community green cart program, we were ready to think outside the lines with a satirical and unexpected campaign concept.

Poised to reduce the community’s household waste by nearly half, we want these carts to get the royal treatment and be excitedly received by informed users. So, we’re turning heads and locking eyes with our audience with State of the Cart, a multi-platform communication campaign featured across Red Deer.


Campaign Development
Advertising & Assets




February 2018

Cheeky copy lines, mod white space and avante-green hero shots morph mere plastic into an icon.


From cinema pre-roll ads and radio spots to rink boards, transit, print and digital ads, it’s safe to say the all-new Green Cart is gaining a cult following.

The campaign will continue to act as a well-lit stage for Red Deer’s future cart model launches too, with Blue and Black Carts taking the mic spring 2019.