Serious Labs

Reconstruct Reality

A virtual reality company specializing in workforce training, Serious Labs enhances the lives of thousands of learners around the globe. So, what was missing? A sharp brand and web presence to convey their technology’s transformative abilities.

The brand we crafted rallies for a revolutionary way to learn and lead, building a narrative around Serious Labs’ immersive virtual experiences. Then, we enhanced their previous visual identity with a futuristic gradient system, seamlessly translating it to a comprehensive website. Now, Serious Labs is poised to stake an influential position in the tech world.


Brand Development
Website Design




July 2017


Through trial and error, our minds thrive.

Going Digital

A disruptive tech company like Serious Labs needs a sleek, immersive digital presence. Targeting both potential clients and design partners, we wanted audiences to imagine and feel what it’s like to delve into the firm’s VR products.

A clean, simplified home page features buttons above the fold, guiding to users to explore the technology. Individual product pages engage the user’s senses, with photos, videos and experiential descriptions. Case studies showcase success stories where Serious Labs and their partners harnessed VR technology to solve a workforce training problem.

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