Wild + Pine


Reforesting and reclaiming natural ecosystems, NiKal had been growing for several years, building a strong reputation in Alberta’s industries. But, after expanding the company’s capabilities, they approached us to create a new name and brand—an identity that would capture their forward-thinking approach to environmental services.

The name we created, Wild + Pine, is ripe with storytelling potential, inspiring a brand narrative around Alberta’s vast wilderness. Then, we crafted the logo and visuals, capturing textures, colours and experiences found in nature. Now, with an evocative name and brand, Wild + Pine is ready to lead, educate and grow in our province’s natural habitats.


Brand Development
Website Design
Advertising & Assets


Environmental Services


November 2017


Fresh, simple and sensory-driven: Wild + Pine is intertwined with our ecosystems and industries.


Going Digital

Online, Wild + Pine needed to establish themselves as thought leaders in Alberta’s environment, while building a platform to share their expertise. Intricate illustrations and animations create an inviting user experience that harkens to the natural habitats they preserve.

Striking statistics speak to Wild + Pine’s role as an educator and expert, offering enlightening facts about Alberta’s ecosystems. An engaging news and events area provides a dynamic platform to share industry events and insights.

View the website at wildandpine.ca