Creating a Rewarding Rapport

What to Expect from an Agency Relationship

Like the beginning of any relationship, hiring a new agency can be exciting… and possibly, a bit nerve-racking. Whether you’re refreshing your web presence or completely overhauling your brand, you’ve identified a business need, and you’ve invited us into your world to fulfill it.

Yes, it might be a little scary, letting someone new poke and prod into your organization’s inner workings. But, don’t worry—we’re here to ensure it’s an awesome experience. Together, we’ll make it enlightening, constructive, streamlined and fun.

Because we view our relationship with you as a partnership. You bring something incredibly important to the table: your expertise, insights and passion for your business.

And we fully reciprocate, with a talented team of designers, writers and developers ready to harness your knowledge.

Through structured steps and collaboration, we combine forces to create something beautiful: a compelling brand identity, or a stunning website, that captures your essence and captivates your audience.

Proactive & proficient

Now, who will be your go-to guide throughout this working relationship? Our Client Services team.

It’s their job to steer you toward the best possible project outcomes. The Client Services team’s biggest priority is to create a relationship that provides value. Ranging from the concrete to the intangible, this value comes in many forms:

1. We’re all ears

It’s a simple but often forgotten skill. From your celebrations and woes, to your business problems and internal disconnections (heck, even your awkward date last weekend)—we’re listening. That way, we get an in-depth understanding of who you are. Then we can start proposing solutions.

2. Communication is everything

We’re honest and straightforward to a T. From the get-go, our Client Services team is clear on what we can deliver, and we communicate it often. Through regularly scheduled emails, phone calls and meetings, you’ll stay up-to-date and feel confident about your project’s progress.

3. Keeping things on track

No matter the project, we follow the same process: discovery, research, strategy, creative and implementation. We’ve built dozens of brands and websites, so we can provide accurate deliverables and truthful timelines. With our Client Services team by your side, you’ll always know who’s responsible for what and when.

4. We get it

We’re all human. We know you want to be treated like one. It’s funny how much a little compassion, warmth and humour can strengthen a relationship. We consciously infuse a personal approach into every interaction.

5. Identifying opportunities

Our Client Services team does more than answer emails and phone calls. Throughout the entire process, they’re pinpointing and examining ways your brand or website can make a maximum impact for your business.

It’s symbiotic

After it’s all said and done, why do we focus so intently on relationships? Because we know that without great clients, there is no work. On the same token, without beautiful, thought-provoking, perception-shaping work, there are no clients.

It’s a cycle that needs to be respected from both sides—and it needs to be managed. So, we cultivate and nurture the best talent in the biz. And we attract and retain incredible clients who get what we’re about.

A reason, a season or a lifetime

It’s interesting how relationships form. They may flourish for a short time, or thrive in the long term.

Whether it’s for a one-time campaign or a multi-year partnership, we hope to create something memorable with you. As long as it’s accomplished your goals and made a meaningful impact on your audience, we know we’ve done our job.