Intelligently Informed

Why Our Work Begins with a Brand Audit

A deep understanding of what matters most—that’s what all great brands have in common.

What makes your organization tick? What are the core truths about your audience? Most importantly, what’s your strategic position in the market, and how can we improve it? This is what makes a Brand Audit so essential. It’s the first milestone in our Brand Development process, and a crucial step in building your new ethos.

Through in-depth research and conversations with your team, we get a snapshot of your organization’s current state. This way, we’re not shooting in the dark when we begin to develop the creative components of your brand.

A Brief Just Doesn’t Cut It

The findings in your Brand Audit may not be new to you, but they are to us. Think of it as an extended version of the traditional brief.

When it comes to an extensive investment, such as rebranding your organization, regular project briefs often miss the mark. They’re overly literal, lacking vital information and strategic insights. Yet, at most agencies, they serve as the foundation for the development of a brand. This approach doesn’t put you in the best position to receive a strong, recognizable identity. Because, when research lacks depth, so will the end results.

We don’t need to know every last technical detail about your business and industry, but we do need to drill down the following:

  • What are you looking to achieve with your new visuals and language?
  • Who is your audience—on both a demographic and psychographic level?
  • How are your competitors doing? How do people perceive you compared to them?
  • What’s the essence of your brand, your very nature? Who are you at your core?

You’re Sitting on a Gold Mine

Engaging an agency to rebrand your company isn’t about finding someone to dream things up that aren’t real—quite the opposite, actually. A true branding agency will work with you to uncover the powerful purpose that’s already there. Because, when it comes to your business, you are the expert.

You know your industry through and through. It’d be naive for us to avoid leveraging the wealth of experience you’ve accumulated through the years. We take the time to thoroughly understand your working knowledge. This assures your new brand is rooted in reality, not make-believe.

Most of what you’re going to tell us will seem pretty obvious to you. That being said, it’s our task to reimagine the information’s creative potential. Often, you already know something, but it’s not until someone else presents it to you in a totally different way, under a totally different light, that you realize its power. That’s our job.

Inhale & Reflect

Finally, think of how vital it is for organizations to take the time to pause, breathe and evaluate their progress. The Brand Audit allows your team to take stock of your current state, assess what you’ve achieved and envision your goals for the future. Think of it as your company’s New Year’s resolution (without the procrastination).

Ultimately, this marks the beginning of a new era for your organization. And, we’re always excited to embark on it with you.