Spire & Stone

FREE’s New Digs

Well, here we are, at part 3 of our grand reintroduction. It’s quite literally the cherry on top of it all: our beautiful office space perched upon the historic Alberta Hotel building.

With 360° of natural light shining through floor-to-ceiling windows, its seemingly endless patio overlooks downtown Edmonton’s most recognizable landmarks.

But a striking aesthetic and stellar location aren’t all it has going on.

History echoes through each stone. And the imposing ivory white spire visible from our boardroom embodies its vintage charm.

Located on Jasper Avenue and 98th Street, this architectural gem was first built in 1903. During its illustrious existence, Prime Minister Sir Wilfred Laurier even sojourned here when Alberta joined the Confederation in 1905.

Sadly, the building was taken apart in 1984 to clear the path for Canada Place. But the disassembled pieces remained in storage, waiting patiently for their next life.

That’s where CKUA Radio and Dub Architects came in. As a cultural broadcaster and architecture firm with a passion for history, they saw an opportunity to make a piece of Edmonton’s landscape whole again.

Stone by stone, Dub’s mason workers restored the façade, fashioning a state-of-the-art office building behind it. Together, Dub and CKUA have created a gateway to our downtown arts and entertainment core.

Moving On Up

Although we had been at our Oliver office condo for a few years, we were beginning to outgrow our cozy accommodations. So when our President Chris Bolivar heard there was a vacancy on the Alberta Hotel’s fifth floor, he jumped at the opportunity.

In early 2015, our leadership team began working with Wolski Design Group to dream up a completely custom space. After months of deliberation, design and construction, we moved to our new office in November 2015.

Stylish details intertwine with functional elements, expressing our character and empowering people to work smarter.

From the moment you step off the elevator, everything glows. Massive triple-glazed windows let the sun permeate from corner to corner, creating a bright and cheerful atmosphere, even during winter. The muted grey and white palette exudes a quietly cool ambiance, with wood furniture and finishes adding a craftsmanlike vibe.

Throughout the space, we’re treated to views of bustling downtown streets, the Shaw Conference Centre and the endlessly lush River Valley. Our sweeping patio sets the stage for plenty of office parties and sun-drenched lunches.

The design fuses openness and privacy, creating both quiet and collaborative nooks. Approachable workspaces invite us to cross departmental divides, while breakout rooms provide perfect meeting areas.

With its exquisitely crafted Oliver Apt table, HD presentation screen and remote-control blinds, our boardroom means business. Down the hall, the kitchen’s family-style table (another Oliver Apt masterpiece) welcomes casual coffee meetings and team waffle cooking sessions.

And of course, we’ve got the coolest neighbours in town. From their decades-spanning vinyl library to their top-of-the-line production studio, we’re in awe of the artistic and cultural haven CKUA has created. (They also host frequent live recordings and concerts, so don’t be shy about stopping by.)

On street-level, there’s Alberta Hotel Bar + Kitchen. This hip little spot features many of the same design details and artefacts from the original haunt. We’ve been drooling over their thoughtful culinary creations, and their bartenders’ skills have us mystified. Stop by and try The Glass Box, our namesake sip. Very tasty.

Now it’s Your Turn

So we’ve shared our new brand, introduced the new crew and went on far too long about our office (seriously we have wallet pics). Now, we’d love to hear more about you.

In need of brand development, website design, or advertising assets? Stop by for a coffee—our antique doors are always open.

Whether you’d like to see our full portfolio, or chat about our branding process, we’d love a chance to show you what we bring to the table.